We Do Our Best Work As A Team. Each Member Of Our Team Is An Expert At What They Do, And Together We Help Our Clients Thrive.

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Chad Mullins

"I love the dairy industry and the clients that I work with. I feel like the dairy industry as a whole is a relatively small world of only a few people working the way millions wish they could."

Chad received his PhD in Nutrition Physiology from Kansas State University in 2011. Chad has worked as an Independent Consulting Nutritionist ever since. Chad lives in Sioux Falls, SD with his wife and two sons.


Favorite parts of the dairy:

  • Helping procure High Quality Forage
  • Transition Cow Health
  • Communication At Every Level

Email: chad@bestaxis.com

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Sean Cornelius

"My family is a dairy farm family. Helping dairy farmers and the families that depend on the health of the farm is my passion. The business of dairy farming can give your family a great life, Best Axis will help you find it."

Sean has been consulting for over 30 years. He grew up on his family dairy farm and continues to help operate the dairy today. Sean and his wife Rachel live on the family farm near Hamilton, MO where they have raised two kids.


Leadership Talents:

  • Keeping Feeding Strategies Practical
  • Dairy Management
  • Feeding Via Robotic Milkers

Email: sean@bestaxis.com

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Callie Mullins

“The difference between excellent and outstanding is small. In today’s environment excellent only gets good results, you need to be outstanding to get the BEST results”

Callie earned her PhD in ruminant nutrition from Kansas State University in 2009. Prior to Best Axis, Callie was a Professor of Animal Science at Northwest Missouri State. Callie is originally from California and has a diverse agriculture background.



  • Dairy beef production/Dairy beef crossbred cattle nutrition
  • Beef Nutrition
  • Nutrition for other ruminant animals
  • Least cost commodity blend formulations
  • Vitamin and trace mineral formulations

Email: callie@bestaxis.com

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Trisha Anderson

"Seeking out good resources is often crucial to top performance. Our passion is to be the BEST possible resource and to be the axis for success with everyone we work with."

Trisha earned her Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership from College of Saint Mary in 2006. She oversees business development for Best Axis. Trish lives in Olathe, KS with her husband and two daughters.



  • Team Coaching
  • Corporate Generosity

Email: trisha@bestaxis.com