Our Promise:

Constant Improvement Through Doing The Most Good, Being The Most Informed, And Delivering.

1. Independent Nutritionist

  • Not being tied to a product or feed company allows more flexibility and unbiased views
  • If your nutritionist is compensated for using a certain product, how can you be sure that product is in the best interest of your operation?

2. Scientific

  • We interpret Science the BEST
  • Proven Science is at the core of all of our decisions
  • Volunteer to review scientific journal articles to help progress research
  • Science based livestock ration formulation, livestock supplement formulation, and livestock mineral formulation
  • Balance dairy nutrition requirements according to the latest in Dairy Nutrition Management Research
  • Attend nutrition conferences to stay up to speed with the latest research
  • We are committed to never stop learning nutrition science

3. Site Visits

  • Assess cow condition and overall health
  • Evaluate physical characteristics of feed
  • Work to understand each operation’s unique challenges

4. Communication

  • EyesOn Report Card
  • Follow up notes
  • Phone, text, email

5. Committed to Giving Back

  • We want to do the most good that we can
  • We believe dairy products are an efficient way to feed the world. We are still early in our journey, but close to setting up formal relationships to donate dairy products domestically and abroad. We want to do our part in feeding the world

6. Well-Travelled and Well Networked

  • Diverse experience in several states and countries, specifically Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, Illinois, South Dakota, Colorado, and Wisconsin. And we support dairies in other parts of the world as far away as Australia. We are centrally located in the Midwest part of America which allows our dairy nutrition consultants to be more centrally located and easily travel for site visits as needed.
  • As independent international dairy nutrition consultants we see more than a consultant that never gets out of a confined geography. This opens our paradigm of thinking and promotes efficient cross pollination of best practices and technology. Broad exposure is a massive strength during challenging scenarios like drought years or high rain fall years.
  • We spend a lot of time meeting with industry partners to stay up to date on the latest feed additives, tools, and technologies available to dairies
  • Participate in key industry meetings and events