Bring experienced fresh eyes to the feed formulation program. Many times it is easier to refresh programs from the outside looking in.

Best Axis collaborates with independent feed manufacturers and feed dealers to be outside eyes for that brand. We work as a team to support the in-house feedmill nutritionists, whether for technical support to troubleshoot a problem, or to help feedmill consultants stay up to speed on current best practices. Best Axis is not a feed manufacturing company so this allows us to openly collaborate with feedmills and provides the confidence that we will not compete with the feedmill for business. Rather we work to form a nutrition alliance that provides the BEST nutrition services to the mill and the end customer.

Some ways we have partnered with feed manufacturers:

  • Developing floor stock products (calf feeds, mineral supplements, fiber supplements)
  • Examine existing formulas and products, and refresh mix formulations as needed
  • Shadow ride-alongs with the mill’s in-house nutrition team to deliver nutrition training and coaching
  • Provide nutritionists with another layer of support for technical questions
  • Deliver interpretive summaries following scientific conferences & research publications